About Sriboga

PT Sriboga Raturaya was established in 1995 as a pioneer of high nutritional wheat flour company in Indonesia. In 2011, it officially spun off into PT Sriboga Flour Mill.

Now the company has grown from a flour mill to a food ingredients manufacturer, to be one of the top five wheat flour manufacture in Indonesia, and leading in innovation for specialized flour products.

Meanwhile, PT Sriboga Raturaya is currently become a holding company for many subsidiaries and one of the subsidiaries is PT Sriboga Flour Mill.


To be the most innovative wheat flour company in Indonesia


  • We will provide our customer with high value products and best services
  • We value our employee as the best and foremost partner in the company
  • We will contribute towards improving the social and environmental welfare to the nearby community

Corporate Value


Our behavior is reflected in our company.

Sriboga Flour Mill values integrity as the main basis for all work activities which must be adhered to and followed by every individual in the company as an example for the benefit of the company itself and the communities in which it operates.


Customers and shareholders are our future and the future of our company.

The commitment and promise to provide excellent service is planted deep in the minds and hearts of everyone at Sriboga Flour Mill.


Our Professionalism ensures consistent innovation for excellence

Sriboga Flour Mill is well aware that only through the consistent improvement of skills, competence and professionalism within each member of the organization will ensure the excellence necessary to compete successfully.Sriboga Flour Mill is well aware that only through the consistent improvement of skills, competence and professionalism within each member of the organization will ensure the excellence necessary to compete successfully.


Development of ideas and technology

We are passionate about the process of developing new ideas and technology to continue providing high-value products and more useful services to customers.


-Alwin Arifin ( President Director PT.Sriboga Flour Mill )

Starting from simplicity, PT. Sriboga Flour Mill started its first production in 1998 under the name PT. Sriboga Raturaya. PT. Sriboga Raturaya has developed into PT. Sriboga Flour Mill and PT. Sriboga Food Group. Sriboga Flour Mill is now a pioneer in wheat flour technology with the consistency of producing high-quality wheat flour. Currently, PT. Sriboga Flour Mill is the best wheat flour company that stands with full commitment to not only be the best in the flour industry but also to become a brand name that will always stick in the hearts of families and culinary industry connoisseurs.

Journey Track Records

Sriboga: The Pioneer of The Wheat Flour Technology

Sriboga Technology


As the most competitive wheat flour producer in Southeast Asia, we undergo consistent efforts to provide outstanding wheat flour products. Our customers have special needs, and our special mixing facilities address those needs. We have the flexibility to produce specific wheat flour blends tailor-made for our customers to meet specific production processes. Innovation and cutting edge technology are essential to not only provide quality, but solutions.


Trusted Partner for Reliable Customers

For decades, PT Sriboga Flour Mill has been a trusted partner for customers (Pizza Hut, J.Co, Jacobs, Richeese, Nissin, and more) to build their business through high quality wheat flour products that produces the best foods from our best customers.


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Sriboga Awards & Certification


Sriboga receives FSSC 22000 certificate for Production of Premix and Modified Wheat Flour


Sriboga receives Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate from Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia


Halal Certificate from the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI)


Sriboga Becomes a ISO 22000 : 2009 certificate for Food Safety Management


Sriboga receives INTERNATIONAL CODE FOR THE SECURITY OF SHIPS AND PORT FACILITIES (ISPS Code) from Directorate General of Sea Communication


Sriboga receives the Gold Medal Award for the Excellence of Business Practitioners from FEBP


Sriboga Flour Mill is recognized as the cleanest flour mill in Southeast Asia by USW (US Wheat Associates)


Sriboga becomes an ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate for Quality Management Systems


The Sriboga Flour Plant is recognized by UNICEF ​​as a pioneer in fortified wheat flour