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How to Attract customers with Food Photography (2)

31 March 2021

After holding the Sriboga UKM Class with the theme of how to attract customers with Food Photos (1) last Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Sriboga also provide the second stage with the same theme to all Sriboga-assisted and non-Sriboga-assisted SMEs.

Sriboga UKM Hangouts is packaged in the form of a Talkshow and Baking Demo. Starting with a talkshow between Erwyn from Sriboga Flourmill and a special guest from the owner of Elmara Cake & Bakery Tuban, Mrs. Erni Rahayu. The talkshow was held to provide enthusiasm and motivation for entrepreneurs to start selling their products online during the pandemic. And Mrs. Erni gave an example that so far she has been selling cookies online by implementing various strategies, starting to make attractive packaging, special marketing through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, to Tiktok. And now she has reached out to buyers outside the island of Java. This further made the audience ask deeper questions, tips and tricks that have been done by Mrs. Erni to all her customers.


In the next session, the event featured Baking Demo. Originally represented by Chef Deny Panca from Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) Surabaya, however on the day of the event he could not attend and was replaced by Chef Rudi Nasrudin from SCC Semarang. Chef Rudi demonstrates the making of Butter Cookies using Sriboga Ninja Wheat Flour. The baking demo reminded the audience of the flour's existence. In addition, for inspiration for recipes ahead of Eid which will start within the next month.

For more details, the event can be accessed via the Baking Inspiration Youtube Channel: