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Let's Start A European Flavor Bread Business

12 September 2019

Opening a bakery business that brings authentic European flavors is a great opportunity. Chef Vidya Listyanova from Bandung shares tips on how to successfully manage the quality of bread if you want to do business in this field.

In the baking demo workshop of Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta at Grand Asrilia Hotel, Jalan Pelajar Pejuang, Lengkong, Bandung City, recently, Vidya revealed: Processing European bread with the best ingredients, as used by well-known restaurants is the right step.

"Because the basic ingredients of bread are very influential, they produce delicious bread but can be sold at affordable prices," he told, Sunday (1/9/2019).

We can easily get the premium flour that is used today. Vidya also provides a simple understanding of the use of premium flour. With this understanding, we will master the making of quality bread such as European Baguettes, Bagels, Pretzels, or Focaccia.

"We can get up to 12 percent protein, so the bread can expand perfectly. Usually, European breads are produced such as Croissants, Scones, Sourdough, and many other types of European bread."

Vidya also reminded him to look for bread flour with fine particles to create a soft and volume dough. "Now, this is the secret to producing the best European bread, as we often find infamous cake shops like J.Co or other well-known brands."

Understand the recipe

Furthermore, Vidya said, getting the perfect recipe is the main thing. "For those who have attended a bread making course, the business opportunity to sell European bread is very large. He simply combines his knowledge with quality ingredients that can be obtained today."

"But for those who are new to the field, they really need to take part in training, baking demonstrations in order to get the skills to make European bread with authentic flavors," said Vidya.

Explaining how big the bakery business opportunity is in Indonesia, Sriboga Flour Mill's Distribution Channel Manager, Sugeng Sudrajat said, the number of entrepreneurs involved in the pastry and bakery world is increasing every year.

"For West Java itself, we embrace UKM every year and this year the development is getting more and more streaking up to 35 percent," said Sugeng at the event.