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Maximize the Quality of Bread with Premium Quality Wheat Flour

12 September 2019

PT Sriboga Flour Mill held a baking demo entitled Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta. Bakery Innovation & Digital Smartpreneur were the themes carried in the activity which was held on Saturday (27/8). This activity was attended by 250 UKM players engaged in bakery and pastry in Surabaya.

One of the events held that day was a demonstration of various applications using wheat flour. According to Chef Deny Panca, Technical Advisor of SCC Surabaya, in making cakes and pastries, you must know the characteristics of the cake to be made. "So, in our knowledge, we also educate the participants about products that are suitable for making cakes, not just making this one," said Chef Deny, who demonstrated the making of Chicken Croissant Cheese or Chickcrocheese that day.

Chef Deny also continued about the variety of wheat flour that must be recognized by culinary industry players engaged in bakery and pastry. “High protein wheat flour is used to make plain bread, donuts, and cake because it needs high development. Low protein is suitable for pastries, cookies, cakes. Now the medium protein is used to make soft cakes like brownies and muffins. "

In this activity, PT Sriboga Flour Mill also reintroduced the packaging size of 1 kilogram of Superclass wheat flour, including Hime (special wheat flour for making bread), and Double Zero (special wheat flour for making pastry) which was packaged more practically and economically for Bakey & UKM business actors. Horeca, Start-Up, and Household in Indonesia.