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Prepare the dishes using low or high protein wheat flour? This is the Influence According to Chef Sriboga Customer Center

12 September 2019

Making mendoan does seem easy. However, making good mendoan turns out to have a special technique. At least the use of the materials used must be chosen carefully.

"Mendoan using high protein flour is definitely tough. Or, making a cake using low protein flour will not expand, "said Rike Sundari, General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Saturday (28/7/2019).

The cooking technique presentation was delivered by Rike in front of 250 small to medium culinary entrepreneurs in a Baking Workshop at the Grand Dafam Hotel Surabaya.

"Learning how to use this material is important so that the product is easy for consumers to find, and marketing is also broader," he said.

The event entitled "Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta" presented three chefs from the Sriboga Customer Center (SCC), Chef Deny Panca, Chef Riyandi Suherman, and Chef Dwi Winarno.

In turn, the three cooks performed their respective skills. Chef Deny Panca, for example, demonstrated the making of chicken croissant cheese (chickcrocheese), Chef Riyandi Suherman demonstrated his ability to cook pastry john puff and Chef Dwi Winarno with his creation of salted egg chicken pao.

There was also Chef Garry from Filma and Chef Ade from Emina Cheese, who also demonstrated the making of various breads and pastries.

Initially, business owners were treated to how to make bread and food with the right ingredients. That way, the results of the products of MSME players will taste good and are easily accepted by the community.

After that, participants were introduced to several platforms that could be used to market products online. The organizers also partnered with Google to help MSME players.

Thus, information related to MSME products can be more easily obtained from the largest search engine.