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PT Sriboga Invites SMEs in Bandung to Develop Digital-Based Culinary Business

12 September 2019

PT Sriboga Flour Mill held a demo entitled Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta with the theme Bakery Innovation & Digital Smartpreneur ”at the Grand Asrillia Hotel Bandung, Jalan Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 123, Bandung, Thursday (29/8). Not only that, but PT Sriboga Flour Mill also encourages small and medium enterprises (UKM) in the culinary field in Bandung and its surroundings to innovate in the digital era 4.0.

This activity is the right momentum for PT Sriboga Flour Mill to reintroduce 1kg packaging size products from premium glass flour so that it is more practical and economical for bakery and UKM, Horeca, Star Up, and Household businesses in Indonesia.

"We also present a digital business speaker from Google My Business, to share information with invitees regarding the ways and benefits of registering their business via the Google search engine so that it can be seen and increase sales online," said Rike Sundari as General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill.

Through the new products he released, namely Super Premium Hime Flour and Double Zero, Rike invites his partners to innovate in their culinary products amid increasingly fierce competition.

At this event, his party also invited a number of chefs who were assigned to demonstrate or demonstrate modern culinary dishes including Chef Vidya Listyanova (Sriboga Customer Bandung), Chef Rudi Nasrudin (Sriboga Customer Center Semarang), and Chef Bangun Budianto (Sriboga Customer Center Yogyakarta).

Also attending were two chefs sponsoring the baking demo, namely Chef Koko Hidayat from Filma, and Chef Dini from Emina Cheese. Both of them demonstrated how to make Choco Cheese and Klepon Cake Cookies. The flour ingredients used are Hime (special flour for making bread) and Double Zero (special flour for making pastries).

This was done in order to provide a few examples and ideas for culinary SMEs, especially those engaged in the business of selling bread in developing their products.

"The chefs here demonstrate making culinary preparations from special Party flour to make Chicken Croissants, Bluder Cheese, Pao Beef Maranggi, Choco Cheese Cookies and Klepon Cake. If we sell processed products like this, it will certainly increase the variety of product innovations, "said Rike after the event.

In addition to innovating, this flour company based in the city of Semarang also presents digitalpreneursip players from Google My Business.

According to Rike, Google was invited to encourage SMEs in the Bandung area to become literate and start to market its products widely via digital.

"So, marketing its products is no longer conventional. Google is invited to share information with SMEs. We also socialize the ways and benefits of registering their business on the Google search engine so that it can be seen by many people in the 4.0 era, "he explained.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill's Customer Center Manager, Panca Indra Pristiawan, added that the purpose of this Baking Demo is to educate business players in the cake industry and others, regarding the latest bakery trends and the use of supporting ingredients.

"Hopefully the bakery industry players and SMEs can take advantage of super premium class flours such as Hime and Double Zero, as superior raw materials to produce quality business products," said Panca.