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Sriboga Flour Mill Collaborates with MSMEs to Go Digital

06 February 2020

Approaching the Christmas and New Year holidays, food needs increase sharply, especially flour, oil, butter, and many others.

The most prominent requirement is flour for making cakes or bread. "Entering the Christmas and New Year holidays, our turnover has increased by 15 percent," said Irfan Wahyudi, Manager of UKM on the sidelines of the Baking Workshop event in Yogyakarta, Thursday (5/12).

The increase, according to Irfan, is quite reasonable because the Christmas and New Year holidays usually have family parties. So that the need for flour, oil, butter, and others will increase.

"Nationally, on the Christmas and New Year 2019/2020 holidays there was an increase of 15 percent," said Irfan Wahyudi accompanied by Panca Indria Kristiawan, Sales Manager of Sriboga Flour Mill, and Davy Johan, General Manager of Marketing for Sinarmas, a quite surprising increase occurred in Central Java and DIY because it increased by 30 percent.

This large increase is considered reasonable, because there are quite a lot of SMEs assisted by Sriboga Flour Mill, especially in Central Java and Yogyakarta. "Our UKM fostered in Central Java and Yogyakarta, numbering in the hundreds," he said.

The same condition also applies to Filma cooking oil and butter. "Approaching the Christmas and New Year holidays, our products also increased, especially oil and butter," said Davy Johan.

Sriboga's customers are quite loyal because every month they meet frequently. In fact, they are always visited, so they have closeness. "Almost every month we visit them," he said.

As in the holding of a baking workshop entitled 'Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta. Bakery Innovation & Digital Smartpreneur 'in Yogyakarta. This activity was attended by more than 300 UKM in Jogja, Gunungkidul, Kulonprogo, Bantul, Sleman, Purworejo, and Magelang.

Meanwhile, according to Panca Indra Kristiawan, Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) as a customer service center as well as the event organizer featured nine chefs. Among them, Chef Bangun from SCC Bandung, Chef Rudy, and Chef Dwi, both from SCC Semarang.

These chefs demonstrated a variety of interesting applications using Super Premium grade flour, including Hime (special flour for making bread), and Double Zero (special flour for making pastries).

The applications demonstrated include making Chicken Croissant Cheese (Chickrocheese), Cheese Bluder, Pao Maranggi, German Cheese Pudding, Klepon Cake and many others.

During the process of making a number of these menus, the participants paid close attention while leafing through the recipe books that were distributed to see the composition of the raw materials used.

"We don't just teach them how to make cakes or bread, but we also teach them how to sell and manage finances properly and efficiently," he explained.