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Sriboga Flour Mill Holds a Baking Workshop as well as a Digital Business Seminar in Semarang

12 September 2019

Located at the Aston Hotel and Convention Center, Semarang. PT Sriboga Flour Mill held a baking demo entitled Sriboga Bakery and Pastries Fiesta. "Bakery Innovation and Digital Smartpreneur" were the themes carried out in the activity which was held on Tuesday (16/7/19).

Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) as a customer service center as well as the organizer of the event featured several Chefs, namely Chef Rudi Nasrudin from SCC Semarang, Chef Vidya Listyanova from SCC Bandung, and Chef Bangun Widyanto from SCC Yogyakarta along with the main sponsor chefs such as Chef James from Filma.

Chef Dicky from Emina Cheese demonstrated a variety of interesting applications using Super Premium class Flour, including Hime (special flour for making bread), and Double Zero (special flour for making pastries).

The applications demonstrated include making Chicken Croissant Cheese (Chickcrocheese), Bluder Cheese Bread, Maranggi Pao Beef, Choco Cheese Cookies, and Coconut Chicken & Prawn Soup.

General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Rike Sundari said, this activity was also a moment for PT Sriboga Flour Mill to reintroduce the 1-kilogram packaging size of the Super Premium class flour so that it is more practical and economical for bakers and UKM, Horeca, Start-Up, and Household in Indonesia.

"We also present a digital business speaker from Google My Business, to share information with the invitees regarding the ways and benefits of registering their business on the Google search engine so that they can be seen and increase sales online," he said.

Sales Operations and Support Manager, Panca Indria Pristiawan added, the Super Premium flour has many advantages that can make the product smoother and more high quality.

"Super Premium Flour is relatively the same protein, but it has a finer size so that it produces a smoother product, whiter product, white and soft bread," he continued.

Meanwhile, the Director of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Hadian Iswara said, this activity is expected that the bakery industry players and SMEs in the bakery sector can utilize these Super Premium class flours as superior raw materials to produce quality business products.

"We are targeting 175 participants from UKM in Pantura, and now 240 have come, the enthusiasm of the community is extraordinary," he explained.

One of the participants in the activity, Widodo, Head of Mini Production Pao Kipao from PT De Glow International, said that events like this are very useful to support his business in terms of knowledge of bakery innovation and the benefits of digital business. Because, from events like this, he can find out new things and what is the trend in the bakery and pastry world.

"We come to know new baking methods because every chef must have a unique method in applying each recipe, and it is certainly very useful to apply in my business," he said.

The Grand Baking Demo Sriboga Bakery and Pastries Fiesta will then take place in 9 other major cities in Indonesia, including in Surabaya, Tegal, Bandung, Jakarta, Malang, Solo, Denpasar, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta.