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Sriboga Flour Mill Strengthens Super Premium Flour Market

12 September 2019

PT Sriboga Flour Mill continues to intensify the introduction of its Super Premium class flour products, Hime (special flour for making bread), and Double Zero (special flour for making pastry) to the Indonesian public. Various ways have been done, including holding the Grand Baking Demo of Sriboga Bakery and Pastries Fiesta in 10 major cities in Indonesia.

This activity has started from Semarang which was held on Tuesday (16/7), then will continue in Tegal, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Malang, Solo, Denpasar, Purwokerto, and will be closed in Yogyakarta.

General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Rike Sundari said, this activity was a moment for PT Sriboga Flour Mill to introduce a 1-kilogram package size of the Super Premium class flour, which is more practical and economical for bakery and UKM, Horeca, Start-Up businesses. , and Household in Indonesia.

"We also present a digital business speaker from Google My Business, to share information with invitees regarding the ways and benefits of registering their business on the Google search engine so that it can be seen and increase sales online," he said, in the Grand Baking Demo of Sriboga Bakery and Pastries. Fiesta, in Semarang.

He explained that the development of the flour market in the Super Premium class in Indonesia is still very potential. Sales of Sriboga Flour Mill in this class also contributed 3% - 5% of the sales of their products.

Meanwhile, 55 percent of Sriboga Flour Mill's flour sales are controlled by the premium class flour, and 40 percent in the non-premium class.

"The biggest market in Bali because there are hotels, restaurants, cafes. Bali contributes 20 percent of the total production of 30,000 packs of 25 kilograms. Followed by Bandung, Jakarta. Central Java also has good potential, there are many modern bakeries, ”he explained, Tuesday (16/7/19).

According to him, the Super Premium class flour is specifically targeted at bakeries when it is used as an application for the upper middle segment.

Sales Operations and Support Manager, Panca Indria Pristiawan added, the Super Premium flour has many advantages that can make the product smoother and more high quality.

"Super Premium flour is relatively the same protein, but it has a finer size so that it produces a smoother product, a whiter product, white and soft bread," he said.