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Towards Eid, Sriboga Flour Mill Holds a Grand Baking Demo

17 March 2020

PT Sriboga Flour Mill held a grand baking demo entitled 'Sriboga Tradisi Boga Nusantara Kekinian', at Atria Hotel Magelang, Thursday (5/3/2020). Meanwhile, "Bogantara Smartpreneur" was the theme in this activity.

Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) as a customer service center and organizer of the event featured several Chefs, namely Chef Rudi Nasrudin from SCC Semarang, Chef Bangun Widyanto from SCC Yogyakarta along with main sponsor chefs such as Chef Kim Garry from Filma, Chef Arifatun from Emina Cheese Indonesia. The chefs demonstrated a variety of interesting applications using Super Premium class flour, including Hime (special flour for making bread), Double Zero (special flour for making pastries), Ninja (all-purpose flour), and Yokozuna (special flour for making cakes).

The applications demonstrated include making Mozarella Shrimp Cake, Durian Bread, Ganjel Rel, Cofee Bean Cookies, Kastengel, Carrot Cake, Banana Cashew Chocolate Cookies, and Salted Egg Cookies.

This activity is also the right moment for PT Sriboga Flour Mill to reintroduce the 1kg packaging size of the Super Premium class flour, making it more practical and economical for Bakey & UKM, Horeca, Start-Up, and Household businesses in Indonesia.

"We educate food entrepreneurs early to catch up with the time of Ramadan so that entrepreneurs who prepare food in the form of pastries are immediately educated before they release their products for sale ahead of Eid Al-Fitr," said Rike Sundari as GM Commercial, PT Sriboga Flour Mill.

According to Rike, the event will also be continued after Idul Fitri by educating the focus of food entrepreneurs who routinely sell Nusantara souvenirs, so that their products remain innovative and up to date.

Irfan Wahyudi, SME Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill added, through this activity, it is hoped that the bakery industry players and UKM in the bakery sector can take advantage of these Super Premium class flours, as superior raw materials to produce quality business products.

"In addition, at this event, we provide insights on how to take advantage of the current variety of archipelago culinary delights, as well as provide insight seminars on making innovative packaging, so that their products can be more attractive to customers," he said.

Meanwhile, during the process of making a number of these menus, the participants were diligently paying attention while leafing through the recipe books that were distributed to see the composition of the raw materials used. They also actively asked questions regarding the menu being demonstrated, knowledge about baking in general, and about the raw materials used to make bread & pastry products.

According to Panca Indria Pristiawan, Sales Operations & Support Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, at this event, his party offered a special promo for purchase. For the purchase of Sriboga Hime Flour, Double Zero, Ninja, or Yokozuna 1 kg, namely by purchasing 5 kg, you will get 1 kg of free any product depending on availability.

"We offer special prices at the event, in order to boost our sales ahead of the month of Ramadan, so that the participants can do a trial before they make the cookies that will be marketed to welcome Eid this year," said Panca.

The Grand Baking Demo Sriboga event, the current Indonesian cuisine tradition, takes place in 12 major cities. Furthermore, it will be held in Bogor 19 March 2020, Jember 9 April 2020, Semarang 25 June 2020, Purwokerto 9 July 2020, Cirebon 25 July 2020, Yogyakarta 8 August 2020, Malang 27 August 2020, Bekasi 12 September 2020, Tegal 24 September 2020, Surabaya 3 October 2020, then last closed in Bandung 12 December 2020.