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Inspiration for contemporary business recipes through the Bogor City Sriboga Baking Demo

14 August 2023

Sriboga Flour Mill again held a Grand Baking Demo event with the theme "The Secret to the Perfection of Business Creation" at Agria Hotel, Bogor City.
on August 10, 2023 with approximately 130 baking lovers participating. This activity was held as a form of Sriboga's contribution to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) packaged in the form of improving skills and insights through baking demonstrations.

Bogor City is the 4th city in 2023. Raising the subtheme of Sriboga Baking & Cooking Asian Food. This activity was held to help business actors innovate recipes from Asian food menus as well as ideas for starting a business.

The implementation of this activity is due to the active role of the Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) team, in collaboration with companies such as WINCheez, Filma, Mamayo, Pizza Hut Delivery, Indobake and PT Jaya Fermex.
Sriboga Baking & Cooking Asian Food was demonstrated by 4 reliable Chefs, namely Chef Vidya & Chef Bangun (from Sriboga), Chef Arvan (from Filma), Chef Budi (from WINCheez) with recipes for dish creations such as Honey Comb Bread, Mamayo Mentai Risol, Almond Puff Pastry, Special Cheese Chiffon. As well as Bolu Keju Cookies, as Asian Food menu creations.