Production of 731 Food Recipes from Tubers, PT Sriboga Flour Mill with Unsiq Wonosobo Breaks the MURI Record

14 February 2024

On February 12, 2024, PT Sriboga Flour Mill and LP3M UNSIQ in collaboration with the Banjarnegara district government have won the Muri World Record "World Record The Most Variant of Tuber Based Food" through the 2024 Research-Based MBKM Community Service Lecture (KPM).

Students participating in KPM MBKM-BR Unsiq received the World MURI award for successfully producing 731 recipes, 2,924 dishes, 82 scientific articles, 82 KPM profile videos, 82 processed videos, 82 reports, 1 ISBN recipe book and 1 copyright. The culinary products produced are based on tubers typical of the Banjarnegara region.

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