PT Sriboga Flour Mill's Friendly Visit to PT Multi Star Rukun Abadi (Sharon Bakery)

08 February 2024

Sriboga Flour Mill management conducts routine customer visits. On this occasion, Sriboga management had the opportunity to stay in touch with a prestigious customer, namely Sharon Bakery (PT Multi Star Rukun Abadi) in Bandung Regency. Sriboga's visit received a very warm welcome from Sharon Bakery's management. 
This activity is a form of Sriboga Flour Mill management's commitment to providing the best quality products and services to all customers, including Sharon Bakery. at the event, Sriboga Flour Mill introduced the new Board of Directors, namely Mr. Naufall Shahiral Arifin as the President Director of PT Sriboga Flour Mill and Mr. Fadjar Sofyar as Commercial Director. The gathering was also attended by Mr. Alwin Arifin as President Commissioner and Mrs. Rike Sundari as GM Commercial, as well as the Large Account Industry Sales team.