Sharing Bisnis


23 December 2023

Yogyakarta, Thursday, December 21, 2023 PT Sriboga Flour Mill collaborated with the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gadjah Mada University to hold a seminar entitled "MSME Business Sharing" which was attended by 200 flour-based MSME players. This activity is one of Sriboga Flour Mill's commitments to collaborate with academic institutions in various cities to play a role in improving the ability and skills to manage the businesses of MSMEs. At this event, an MOU was signed between PT Sriboga Flour Mill by Rike Sundari, S.Si, MBA as GM Commercial, and from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gajahmada University by Prof. Dr. Ir. Eni Harmayani, M.Sc., as Dean. The MOU is a form of commitment to carry out MSME empowerment programs and community service programs together. 

Starting from simplicity, PT Sriboga Flour Mill started its first production in 1998 under the name PT Sriboga Raturaya. PT Sriboga Raturaya has developed into PT Sriboga Flour Mill and PT Sriboga Food Group. Sriboga Flour Mill is now a pioneer in wheat flour technology by consistently producing high quality wheat flour.

Currently, PT. Sriboga Flour Mill is the best wheat flour company that stands with full commitment to not only be the best in the wheat flour industry, but also become a brand name that will always be attached to the hearts of families and connoisseurs of the culinary industry.