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Sriboga Flour Mill Introducing the Latest Innovations in Logistics

20 February 2014

On February 20, 2014, Sriboga Flour Mill officially launched its latest innovation in logistics by introducing a bulk flour delivery service offered to B2B customers. Following the construction of a new 1,495 m2 distribution and warehouse facility in the Delta Silicon Industrial Park in Cikarang, West Java; The company is now ready to serve customers who need wheat flour to be sent directly to the Customer Silo Warehouse


The successful completion of this project comes after extensive cooperation between Sriboga Flour Mill and one of its shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation.


In 2013, these companies developed a plan to start supplying wheat flour to B2B customers in bulk instead of using bags, as a way to increase the efficiency of the supply chain process.


Sriboga's logistic facility in Cikarang requires an investment of IDR 9 billion and distributes wheat flour sent from the company's factory in Semarang, Central Java.


Wheat flour delivered to customers from this distribution center is poured into bulk tank trucks which can hold up to 20 tonnes through the facility's dining room (height + 6 m). These tanker trucks then immediately transport and transfer the product to silos provided by customers at their manufacturing facilities.


To speed up the transfer process, the Sriboga Flour Mill tank truck is equipped with a blower capable of transferring 6 tons of wheat flour per hour. In addition, to ensure that the products sent via Bulk Tanker really match the weight ordered, Sriboga carries out a digital weighing process in the Feeding room.


As a leader in the flour production industry in Indonesia, Sriboga Flour Mill is always looking for new ways to pursue innovation and increase the breadth of its products and services.


With the implementation of the new logistics system, the company has made major improvements to its supply chain efficiency and is now positioned to reach more potential customers