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Sriboga Flour Mill invites UKM to increase selling value

16 July 2019

Semarang (ANTARA) - PT Sriboga Flour Mill invites small and medium enterprises (UKM) in the field of the bakery to increase the selling value of their products, one of which is by using super-premium class flour and marketing it online.


Director of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Hadian Iswara, on the sidelines of the Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta in Semarang, Tuesday, hopes that industry players and SMEs in the bakery sector can take advantage of the super-premium class flour so that the business products produced are also of high quality.


General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Rike Sundari, said there are four types of super premium flour, namely Hime (special flour for making bread), Double Zero (special flour for making pastries), Ninja (multipurpose), and Yokozuna (for making cakes).


On this occasion, a baking demo was held to make Chicken Croissant Cheese (Chickcrocheese), Bluder Cheese Bread, Pao Beef Maranggi, Choco Cheese Cookies, and Coconut Chicken & Prawn Soup with Chef Rudi Nasrudin from SCC Semarang, Chef Vidya Listyanova from SCC Bandung, and Chef Bangun. Widyanto from SCC Yogyakarta and Chef James from Filma, and Chef Dicky from Emina Cheese.


Sales Operation & Support Manager of Panca Indria Pristiawan explained that by using super premium grade flour, the results are better because the flour is finer, the results can be whiter even without bleach, and the protein can be determined from low, medium, and high.


Apart from the baking demo, added Rike, on this occasion the participants also received an explanation about the digital business speaker from Google My Business regarding how to increase sales online.


The grand baking demo event of Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta will then take place in 9 other major cities including Surabaya 27 July; Tegal 21 August; Bandung 29 August 2019; Jakarta 5 September; Malang 19 September; Solo October 3; Denpasar 19 October; Purwokerto November 14; and Yogyakarta 5 December.


Hadian added that until now, Sriboga still dominates for the super-premium class of flour in Indonesia with the largest market in Bali, Bandung, and parts of Central Java, while Sriboga with all products is ranked 6th out of a total of 22 wheat product players nationwide.


Source: Semarang - ANTARA