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"Sriboga invites Bogor UMKMs to Upgrade in Business Sharing Event with STP IPB"

26 June 2023

In 2023, PT Sriboga Flour Mill implemented a flour-based UMKM empowerment program in collaboration with educational institutions / agencies in 10 cities. The empowerment program is called the 'UMKM Business Sharing' Seminar. This time Bogor is the 3rd city, PT Sriboga Flour Mill is collaborating with the Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University. The event was held on June 22, 2023, at the STP IPB University Startup Center Building, Taman Kencana Campus, Bogor City. It is hoped that the collaboration can be expanded towards the development of flour-based innovations both wheat and its substitutes. With STP IPB which has Pilot Plant and Teaching Industry facilities that can support the development of innovations, especially in the food sector.

In this business sharing event, there were 160 UMKMs from various regions such as Greater Bogor, Depok and Jakarta. In this Business Sharing, Dr. Tjahja Muhandri from the Department of Food Science of IPB University presented the material "Simple Food Technology for Innovation and Product Added Value". In addition, there was also a resource person Irfan Wahyudi as Director of PT UDSR who is also the Owner of bakpia 701 with the material "Customer Management Techniques, to Increase Business Profits".

This event also demonstrated a baking demo with Chef Vidya from SCC (Sriboga Customer Center) Bandung. This baking demo emphasizes product innovation, thus helping UMKMs to innovate their products and expand their marketing reach more widely and effectively.Hopefully, through this collaboration, a synergy will be created in empowering UMKMs that is more comprehensive and complete so that it can increase the skills and knowledge of UMKMs for business development so that UMKMs can advance in class.
Stay tuned for the presence of the "Sriboga Sharing UMKM Business" seminar in your city ...