Sriboga Launches Indonesia's First Fusion Technology Flour Innovation "Beruang Emas"

29 May 2023

PT Sriboga Flour Mill introduces its latest innovative flour product. The product labeled 'Beruang Emas' was first introduced on Friday (26/5/2023), in conjunction with the company's 25th anniversary celebration, at Padma Hotel Semarang.

President Director of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Alwin Arifin said, Beruang Emas is the first and only fusion flour produced in Indonesia. The emergence of the Beruang Emas fusion flour product began with the high cost of wheat raw materials in the world.

"At that time there was Covid-19 and the Ukraine war so that the world's wheat supply and prices were expensive. So we have to use that strategy," he said, Friday (5/26/2023), in Semarang.

He explained, the Research and Development Team for 7 months thought about making a wheat flour formula from cheap wheat but could produce premium and healthy flour.

"Finally we can make flour from cheap wheat but produce premium products with a special formula and do not use chemicals," he explained.

Alwin added this Beruang Emas flour is intended for noodles. However, in the future Sriboga will also make fusion flour for bread and so on.

Alwin revealed that despite having a small market share of only 5 percent, PT Sriboga Flour Mill is the most innovative in releasing its products.

"We will evolve from a regular wheat flour factory to a fusion flour factory," he said.

Meanwhile, Naufall Arifin, Commissioner of PT Sriboga Flour Mill added, the advantages that exist in the Beruang Emas flour. The first is higher quality compared to competitors.

"This quality includes color, texture, and faster cooking speed," he added.

Second is the cheaper selling price, where by using medium protein but the resulting product is higher or can be the same as that used by high protein wheat, so that it can reduce production costs and the selling price can be cheaper.

And third, it is healthier than other products. It is known that in wheat flour there is gluten which if too much can be bad for the health of the body, so with a special formula the gluten can be reduced.

"We are confident that this Beruang Emas product will succeed in the market and will help consumers to live a healthier life," he said.

Meanwhile, Beruang Emas's fusion flour products are still limited in production. The reason is, the existing formula is still not enough to supply a lot.

"We will slowly fulfill it in the future. For now, we produce 24 thousand sacks," he concluded.