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Sriboga Super Premium Wheat Flour

08 October 2019

PT. Sriboga Flour Mill, through the Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) as a customer service center, held a baking demo entitled Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta at Lor In Hotel on Thursday, October 3, 2019, with the theme "Bakery Innovation & Digital Smartpreneur".


The activity presented several chefs as speakers, namely Chef Bangun Budianto from SCC Yogyakarta, Chef Rudi Nasrudin from SCC Semarang and Chef Roni from SCC Semarang. Also present were the main sponsor chefs such as Chef Garry from Filma and Chef Arifatun from Emina Cheese.


They demonstrated a variety of interesting applications using super premium grade flour. Among others, Hime (special flour for making bread) and double Zero (special flour for making pastry). The application demonstrated is making Salted Egg Pao, Chicken Croissant Cheese (Chickrocheese), Cheese Bluder, Brownies Cheese, and Klepon Cake.


SME manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Irfan Wahyudi, explained that this activity was also the right moment for PT. Sriboga Flour Mill to re-introduce the 1 kg packaging size of the super-premium class flour so that it is more practical and economical for bakery, UKM, horeca, startup, and household business players in Indonesia.


"We also present a digital speaker business from Google My Business to share information with invitees regarding the ways and benefits of registering their business on the Google search engine so that they can be seen and increase sales online," he said during the event.


Regional Business Manager Area Central 2 PT. Sriboga Flour Mill, Matheus Agung, explained that especially for super-premium products in the Central Java region from 2017 to 2018 the trend has increased by almost 20 percent globally, both for super-premium 1 kg products and 25 kg packaging.


"For this segment we are still the market leader because customers who know the taste of super-premium products are hard to turn away. In Jogjakarta, there is a bakpia community that makes 100 percent of super premium flour. In Solo there are some super-premium users, they know that super-premium the value is high, "he explained.


PT Sriboga Flour Mill's Sales Operations and Support Manager, Panca Indria Pristiawan added, with this activity it is hoped that the bakery industry players and SMEs in the bakery sector can take advantage of the super-premium class flour as a superior raw material to produce quality business products.


"The benefits of multiples when using this product cannot be known for sure. But what is clear is that the quality is better because it is smoother, the results of the bread are brighter and softer. The advantages are not only the amount increases, it is more durable and reduces Bad Stock (BS). Hold the product usually 3-4 days then the bread is hard fast, with this flour it can last 5 days to a week," he added.


During the process of making the number of menus, the participants paid careful attention while leafing through the recipe books that were distributed to see the composition of the raw materials used. They also actively asked questions regarding the menu being demonstrated, knowledge about baking in general, and the raw materials used to make bakery and pastry products. Attractive promos are also offered from various sales stands at the event.


Previously, the Grand Baking Demo Sriboga Bakery and Pastry Fiesta was held in Semarang on 16 July 2019, Surabaya 27 July 2019, Tegal 21 July 2019, Bandung 29 August 2019, in Jakarta 5 September 2019, Malang 19 September 2019, and will It was held in 3 other big cities in Indonesia, including in Denpasar 26 October 2019, Purwokerto 14 December 2019, and Yogyakarta 5 December 2019.


The implementation of the place and time will be informed via social media Instagram and Facebook @ Inspirbaking. This activity was supported by various sponsors, including Pizza Hut Indonesia, Tokopedia, Ometraco, Magnolium, Royal Crown, and Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta.