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Sriboga Supports UMKM in Solo City Through a Baking Demo

15 March 2023

Sriboga Flour Mill continues to strive to contribute to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). One of the steps taken is through routine MSME empowerment activities, which are packaged in the form of education and baking demos.

"We empower MSMEs quite intensely," said the Service and Empowerment Manager of Sriboga Flour Mill, Panca Indria Pristiawan, during a cake-making demonstration in Solo on Wednesday, (8/3/2023).

According to him, MSMEs must be educated starting from production to marketing, so that their sales will be wider.

"Apart from baking demos, we also have business sharing, regarding digital marketing, management. There is material about marketing," he said.

Through the event, he continued, the company also gave tips on how to make products with a long shelf life.

"For example, making croissants, which so far have only been able to cover the Jogja or Solo areas. We teach frozen food, for example, that yeast must be used, then vacuumed, rested, and half-baked so that their marketing is wider, and it takes time," he said.

Meanwhile, the marketing head of Sriboga Flour Mill, Maria Wuri, said that so far the MSME sector has contributed quite a lot to all sales of Sriboga products.

"For our sales, we divide it into two." "There is an open market or free market that is 50 percent, and then there are big industries like BreadTalk and JCo that are 50 percent," he said.

As for free sales, this is not only for micro and small businesses but also for medium-sized businesses. Even so, the contribution of micro and small businesses is only around 20 to 30 percent.

Regarding the event, this time it was held because it was ahead of Eid, when the demand for cakes in the community was getting bigger.

"This year's second baking demo the first is in Kudus. We do this for the creation of MSME businesses, coincidentally for Eid, there are lots of recipes for cookies," he said