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Sriboga's Business Sharing and Baking Demo at the UMKM Fest Pacitan, Enliven the Anniversary of MSMEs and Celebrate Indonesia's Anniversary

21 August 2023

August 12, 2023 in commemoration of the National MSME Day and the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, PT Sriboga Flout Mill collaborated with the Pacitan Regency Cooperative, Micro Business and Industry Office (Dikuperin) at Gd PLUT KUMKM PACITAN, holding a SHARING BUSINESS & BAKING CLASS.

The opening of the bazaar was held baking a cake-making demo from Sriboga followed by 150 MSMEs, training for grocery stalls to go digital, financing literacy, socialization of BPJS employment, and product packaging exhibitions. UMKM Fest aims to encourage MSME players to increase HR capacity through training. During the activity, participants were given a demo on baking that emphasizes product innovation by Chef Denny Panca from SCC Surabaya. The goal is to invite MSMEs to innovate in developing their products to expand their marketing reach.
It is hoped that the community will enliven and also with the UMKM Fest, MSMEs in Pacitan will be able to transform to run a digital business, grow faster, rise stronger, and become more advanced, established, and upgrade.